Travel policy

Location and Parking

The main event will be located in the JSCBB building at:

3415 Colorado Avenue

Boulder, CO 80303

Parking will be available all weekend in lot #543 (on the northwest corner of the building). Be sure to follow directions on the signs so you don’t park in permit only parking.

Overnight policy

Unfortunately, due to university and budget restrictions, we will be unable to provide a place for you to stay overnight. You must either remain awake through the night in the venue (campus policy) or find your own accomodations.

Flying in

You should book flights into Denver International Airport (DEN). From there you can take the AB line that runs from the airport directly to campus. The bus schedule and fares can be found here. You can buy tickets at the airport, paying directly to the driver with cash, or through the RTD Mobile Ticket app. Also, make sure to bring $9.00 cash for the bus ride back to the airport as there are no ticket machines where you can pay with card near our campus. Keep your bus receipts so we can reimburse you later if you were approved for reimbursement.

From the airport, take the AB line (Westbound) Downtown Boulder Station line and get off at the Broadway & Euclid stop near the University of Colorado Boulder.

International Travel

We love international participants! Check the ESTA website to see if you are applicable. If you need a visa we can provide you with a signed invitation letter for your visa. The rest of the arrangements must be made on your own.

Booking your travel

Whether you’re flying in or taking the public bus, you will have 5 days to RSVP once you are granted reimbursement to upload your travel receipts to our reimbursement form. After this period, we cannot guarantee admission and will not increase your travel cap.

Dates and time

You should anticipate arriving by or before 8 AM Saturday, February 22nd and leaving after 5 PM on Sunday, February 23rd.

Staying Friday and/or Sunday night

If you cannot book travel for Sunday night and want to leave on Monday morning, please try and arrange to stay with a friend on campus. We can try and help you arrange somewhere to stay, but cannot guarantee availability.

Travel reimbursement


We will be offering flight reimbursements on a case-by-case basis. If approved by our admin team via email, you will be required to submit travel receipts on our travel reimbursement form. Your entire flight may or may not be covered by reimbursements.

If you research transportation from your location and find the travel cap to be unreasonable, feel free to contest it with us by emailing


  • You must be traveling farther than 25 miles from the University of Colorado, Boulder.
  • Confirm your event attendance and attend the event.
  • Be approved by the HackCU admin team for reimbursement. You will receive an email.
  • Submit a project to Devpost.
  • You will be required to submit a receipt of your travel expenses.

Reimbursement method

  • We will send reimbursements through PayPal or Venmo to the user that you set when submitting your receipt.
  • If you can’t sign up to either please send us an email at

Submit your flight/bus receipts

Receipts should include:

  • Purchase date
  • Your name
  • Detailed price (flight price, taxes…)
  • Proof of payment for the purchase (i.e. a reference to a debit/credit card such as Visa 1234)

Not all travel receipts will include the name of the purchaser, but for airline receipts, the person being reimbursed needs to be shown as the traveling party. Some ground transportation receipts (such as Uber and Lyft) usually include the name of the person who used the service. For other types of travel receipts (bus, taxi, shuttle service, etc.), even if the receipt does not show the traveler’s name, the person expecting reimbursement needs to obtain some form of receipt. If payment for the travel service was made with a debit or credit card, copies of the transaction on a bank statement could support proof of payment for the service.

Submit your car itenerary

If you are traveling by car please submit gas receipts as well as a Google Maps screenshot that shows where you traveled from and mileage.

Other details

  • Once you have made your booking, we will not cover any change fees.
  • We will not cover any unnecessary travel fees, such as an upgrade to business class, food bought on the plane, etc.
  • We will not be reimbursing any travel within Boulder.


Have any questions? Feel free to contact us here or email us at