HackCU Pages

HackCU Pages

This is a repository of statically generated pages for HackCU. Includes hacker guides, code of conduct, resources….

Open sourced here: https://github.com/hackcu/pages

Code of Conduct

Check out our code of conduct.


Check out our policy on travel.

Hacker Guide

Check out the hacker guide for HackCU VI, which explains what to bring, how to get to the event, and how to maximize your hackathon experience!

Mentor Guide

Check out the mentor guide for HackCU VI, to best help the hackathon participants.

Sponsor Guide

Check out the sponsor guide for HackCU VI, and represent our company at our event.

Volunteer Guide

Check out the volunteer guide for HackCU VI, and assist our organizers throught the hackathon.

Judging Guide

Check out the judging guide for HackCU VI, and judge amongst our several tracks.